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June 30, 2019

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. Whatever your budget may be, you are spending money on the first day of your lives together—a day you will want to remember and re-visit again and again. Video is the best way to preserve and share all your wedding day memories with friends, family, and someday your children. So is a professional produced wedding video a good investment?

Q: My friend is really good with a camera and wants to shoot my wedding for free. Is there really a big difference between his video and a professional videographer?

A. Yes! How much better a singer is Beyoncé than your friend? How much better at making cakes is Cake Boss than your aunt Betty? How much better is a professional videographer than your friend/aunt/cousin, etc.? There really is no comparison. Videographers are experienced specialists using professional cameras & equipment and editing tools with an artistic eye focused on capturing all the details that you’ve so carefully coordinated for your wedding da...

March 31, 2019

A good wedding videographer has a passion for capturing moments and the artistic vision for presenting those moments in a personal and meaningful way. Selective shooting and experience are also necessary, and in the long run, can save you money and result in a better video(meaning a video that you love and want to watch over and over again). With selective shooting a videographer can save you money by offering packages that include less coverage time, and less coverage time means less video to go through and edit. At EuroStarProductions, we are able to recreate important moments like the bride getting ready so you don’t have to pay a huge price tag to have a videographer follow you around all day. We capture all the important details of the décor, guests, venue, bridal party, etc. and tend to focus on the ceremony and vows, first dance, toasts, father/daughter & mother/son dances, and other meaningful parts of the day instead of tons of dancing (who wants to watch hours and hours of dr...

November 9, 2018

Want to hear from your guests directly on your wedding day? Be sure to request guest interviews when speaking with your videographer. Many videographers use a documentary style to capture the day as it unfolds in an unobtrusive way (they do not engage guests or asks for smiles-instead they capture the day, the candid glances, and people being themselves). For a videographer, guest interviews can be hard to get as many people get stage fright when handed a mic unexpectedly. It really helps if the couple announces the availability of the camera and their desire to hear from their guests. Then guests can approach the camera when they are ready and know they are speaking to you.

As the couple, just know that these interviews can be hilarious and also heartwarming. How precious it will be watching your grandma give you wedding advice years later when she is no longer with you. Hearing her voice and seeing the way she smiled is priceless. As videographers, we can also attest to the strange th...

October 8, 2018

To drone or not to drone? That is the question. Drones are really cool and can add a unique perspective to your wedding day memories. . .but are they worth the added cost? Wedding day drone coverage costs can vary and are typically charged as an add-on to a video package—meaning you are paying a videographer’s package price (typically between $1400 to $2500) PLUS requesting drone services for an additional fee (starting at $200+). Below you’ll find some pros and cons of drone wedding video.

Pros of Wedding Day Drone Video:

1)  Establishing the location and setting of your wedding day can be a big factor in deciding on drone video services. Selecting the perfect location was super important and no doubt, one of your largest wedding expenses--you’ll likely want to have it well documented in your wedding day memories. Aerial drone footage of the location helps tell the story of your wedding day by introducing the setting just like in any movie you’ve seen. Drone shots can be dramatic and se...

September 14, 2016

Wedding videography is probably the most under-rated special event service but it is also the service that most brides are thrilled they budgeted for. See our blog article for reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding videographer. So if you think that a realistic budget for your wedding video is around $500, please keep reading. You will be shocked at how much money and effort, experience and expertise is required to produce just one wedding video and why the average price of a professional wedding videographer is closer to $2000 and can range upwards of $7000.

Video Equipment Cost  

The cost of a professional video camera can range from around $900 used to $2500 new just for the camera (lenses and accessories extra). Lenses for the new DSLR cameras being used today can range from $89- $1400 dollars with each lens having a particular use; so a videographer might choose to have more than one for close up and for more distant shots for example. In addition to this equipment, a...

April 22, 2016

At ESP, we love creating Couple Love Story Videos for our clients! These short videos are often funny and extremely entertaining for the couple and their guests, and most definitely for their future children and friends. Love Story Videos are intimate and honest sneak peaks into the couple’s courtship and background usually told from their own perspectives. We have done some Love Story videos that include commentary from family and friends, which adds another special touch and perspective. In every case, we are after the characteristics that make the couple unique so we never know quite what to expect!

When deciding on the appropriate style and setting for the video we find that a little preparation goes a long way. A couple might share a video they found and like or we can provide samples of Love Story videos for the couple to find out what elements they like or dislike. Personality plays a huge role as well and we want it to be expressed in the video whether it is quiet and thoughtful...

October 1, 2015

In our opinion, you should absolutely hire a videographer, but don’t just take our word for it, find out what newlyweds have to say about wedding video.

Research from a national survey of newlyweds shows that “ninety-eight percent recommended that brides have their weddings videotaped.” Interestingly, we find that when most brides call for a videography quote, wedding video is at the bottom of their list. When asked if they considered wedding video a must newlyweds revealed, “Before the wedding, only a little more than half considered wedding video a “Top 10” service compared to other wedding services. However, after the wedding, that number climbs to 75%.” So why do so many former brides advise hiring a videographer? “Brides said video does a better job of capturing the emotions of the day, records the history of the day better, and they strongly feel that future children will enjoy their wedding video more than their wedding photographs.” Photographs are a great way to remember who wa...

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