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Should I hire a videographer for my wedding?

In our opinion, you should absolutely hire a videographer, but don’t just take our word for it, find out what newlyweds have to say about wedding video.

Research from a national survey of newlyweds shows that “ninety-eight percent recommended that brides have their weddings videotaped.” Interestingly, we find that when most brides call for a videography quote, wedding video is at the bottom of their list. When asked if they considered wedding video a must newlyweds revealed, “Before the wedding, only a little more than half considered wedding video a “Top 10” service compared to other wedding services. However, after the wedding, that number climbs to 75%.” So why do so many former brides advise hiring a videographer? “Brides said video does a better job of capturing the emotions of the day, records the history of the day better, and they strongly feel that future children will enjoy their wedding video more than their wedding photographs.” Photographs are a great way to remember who was there and what they were wearing, but video captures so much more than still, posed photos do.

Unlike photographs where you are positioned and posed, video captures the candid real-life in between moments. The way your future husband reacts when he sees you for the first time in your wedding dress, the tender touches, hugs and fuss as your mom gushes over you, the way your father kisses your cheek when he gives you away and the tears in both your eyes as you dance your father daughter dance. Your first dance, the romance! Your grandmother’s marriage advice, the sounds of your friends and loved one’s voices. These moments are so priceless. From a technical point of view, a still photo captures 1 frame in time; HD video captures 60 frames per second! If you don’t want to miss a thing, then video is definitely for you.

In our perusal of bridal forums, the number one reason brides choose not to hire a videographer is their budget. As mentioned above, memories are priceless, especially when family members and parents pass away. In addition, when you are spending money on décor, flowers, a beautiful cake, a band or DJ, favors, and food not to mention the time lovingly poured out on writing or reciting your vows, you are going to want to remember them always. When you call to talk to potential videographers, tell them your budget and see what services they can offer you. At ESP, we have several creative ways to save you money, such as less video editing.

One commenter in the bridal forum who expressed the opinion that photos are better and video is not necessary said she wanted to remember the wedding in her mind rather than be bothered by all the details. Hello!? All those details you spent months planning, details you might have been too busy to notice on the day itself, details that came together to create the first day of the rest of your life as a married couple? Really?

Another commenter’s concern was that they were a shy couple and didn’t want a videographer in their face or to detract from the guest’s experience. At ESP, and probably other videographers would agree, we pride ourselves on being unobtrusive (that’s how we get such candid footage!). I can guarantee your photographer will be much more obtrusive than your videographer. They are the ones to wrangle your friends and family together for pics, bark orders to “Look this way” and “Smile Big,” not us. As a courtesy to other vendors like photographers we never position our cameras where they monopolize a down the aisle shot for example. We do not even do family interviews or bother your guests unless you ask us to!

And finally, the third concern we found was that brides-to-be in thought they would watch their video once and then forget about it. In contrast, we would suggest video is much more entertaining than a photo album(that’s why many photos are put to music in video form later). Also, if we may be so bold to suggest, watching you wedding video more often is GREAT for a relationship! Reminding yourselves of where it all started and all the love between you that day, and all the support of family and friends surrounding you bring tremendous joy to carry you through tougher times. Plus, you may have children someday who would love to watch you wedding with you and laugh about your makeup or their dad’s crazy hairstyle(wait, Dad had hair?).

Video is a great way to preserve your memories and your day, so you can remember it just how it happened for years to come and share it with the special people whom you have yet to meet.​

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