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Couple Love Story Videos

At ESP, we love creating Couple Love Story Videos for our clients! These short videos are often funny and extremely entertaining for the couple and their guests, and most definitely for their future children and friends. Love Story Videos are intimate and honest sneak peaks into the couple’s courtship and background usually told from their own perspectives. We have done some Love Story videos that include commentary from family and friends, which adds another special touch and perspective. In every case, we are after the characteristics that make the couple unique so we never know quite what to expect!

When deciding on the appropriate style and setting for the video we find that a little preparation goes a long way. A couple might share a video they found and like or we can provide samples of Love Story videos for the couple to find out what elements they like or dislike. Personality plays a huge role as well and we want it to be expressed in the video whether it is quiet and thoughtful or quirky and playful. As long as the couple is comfortable being themselves the video will have a spontaneous and pure element. This comes across especially well when the couple is able to share their favorite memories—so give these a thought and maybe jot down some quick notes to have handy.

An interview format works well for some, with questions for the couple and questions for them individually. These can be selected by the couple or decided individually and kept secret until the video debut if desired. A second option is a cinematic recreation of their meeting, courtship, or a date with prepared love letters, love stories, or vows read over the video footage. A third option is video footage of the couple interacting combined with photos, interviews, and written memories. The possibilities are endless really, and limited only by the couple’s creativity.

We will work with the video footage we shoot or are given to edit together a memory masterpiece that reflects your style and personalities and tells your unique Love Story. We can add music to our Couple Love Story videos and have all the professional equipment needed to produce a video keepsake with great sound and image quality that you will treasure for years to come!

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