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Euro Star Productions provides videography services for weddings and special events, DVD duplication, video transfer, video photomontages, photo slide shows, and video projection services for memorial services and events in Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and surrounding communities. Click on the links below for more information on our process and pricing. 

Life is a gift to be remembered, treasured, and cherished. Each life has a story to tell about loved ones and special moments. Let us help you share your story by giving your old 8 mm film reels new life on DVD. Themed music will accompany and enhance your movies. 

ESP specializes in Super 8 and 8mm film transfer to DVD in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Oxnard and surrounding communities. Let us preserve your memories on DVD from our Ventura County location.

ESP is a full service duplication and video to DVD transfer company located in Ventura, California. We can help you preserve your family videos on DVD or make copies for you to share. We can help you upload your video to the internet for private sharing or viewing online or on your website.  Your  memories are a priceless gift to loved ones. We can help you decide on the best way to approach your project according to your budget and needs.  

video photomontage is a creative and entertaining way to present your family photo albums. Your pictures are set to music and will transition beautifully from one image to the next, enhancing the experience by adding motion and heartfelt songs to capture the emotion. A priceless gift, perfect for sharing at birthday parties, weddings, and other special events.


ESP also offers video projection services for weddings, birthdays, memorials, and special events. Projector, screen, speaker, ambient music, and mic are available, and will be set up, monitored, and run by our projection specialist. Price varies on the amount of time and equipment required.   

DVD video portfolios are perfect for promoting and marketing professional artists, businesses, and non-profits. Showcase your work and talent with a concise and entertaining demo reel, commercial, or educational production that can be distributed to your target audience, used to gain grants or scholarships, promote your work or message, and enhance your exposure through Internet presence.

Let us help you capture and preserve your family history! We can work with your video footage or film your loved one speaking about their memories and heritage, or sharing a message with loved ones now and those yet to come. We can help you edit your family history video to create a family heirloom memory masterpiece to be passed down for generations to come. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services (805) 377-7333.



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