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Video Production

Full service video production company
serving your business needs

ESP offers video services for businesses and professionals. Whether you want to create commercials, online video presentations, training seminars, webinar series, advertisements, public service announcements, video or music demo reels ESP is here to help. ESP also offer video editing and green screen services. Click on the links below for more information and video samples. ESP is available for consultations over the phone, to answer questions, suggest useful services, or provide estimates. Please call (805) 377-7333.

A One-Stop Shop

The aim of ESP is to understand your business. The ability to understand and articulate our client's unique needs through video has been the key to our success. An initial consultation with an ESP video professional will help us understand your vision, purpose, audience, and budget and allow us to inform you of the specific services, processes, and costs involved in production. 


Years of experience in the video and editing industry have allowed us to work on a variety of projects for diverse businesses and organizations. If you are in need of video services or have a creative business idea that you don't see listed below, please contact Euro Star Productions at (805)377-7333 to find out what we can do for you.

Video Editing
Green Screen
Photo Presentations
Online Training Videos
More Services
Video equipment

From green screen, to commercials, and everything in between 

ESP has been boosting business for businesses since 1999. Our experience and commitment to keep up with the latest technology and video trends makes us a valuable tool for your business to reach today’s audience online and on the go (mobile audiences). ESP offers a wide spectrum of video services and has everything you need to create a spectacular visual presentation your audience will remember for a long time.


Video is an optimal medium for engaging perspective clients with great visuals AND information on your business’s product or services. Video facilitates communication of your message effectively via so many platforms including:  Video messages to customers embedded in your website, Corporate videos, Ads and promos streamed on the Internet and mobile phones, Videos of meetings and events, presentations and conferences, Podcasts / video podcasts of media interviews, video blogs, and video testimonials. 

Education and Training

Commercials, Ads, Promos, and Infomercials


Every business and organization is unique; your custom video should reflect your specific brand, mission, stand out service or product, and audience. ESP has produced a variety of videos including commercials and advertisements, promotional videos, and infomercials that incorporate a number of elements including pre-recorded and/or original footage, logos, custom animated openings and titling, music, photos, and more. Once your audience and budget is established ESP can begin to create a video custom tailored to your needs. ESP offers customized video packages to save businesses money through a simple and productive bidding process.

Green Screen Video Technology


Take advantage of this creative service to record professional presentations on a virtual set or in front of the background of your choice. Virtual sets look professional and are a great cost-effective alternative to shooting on location. ESP's controlled studio environment is comfortable, convenient, and accommodating. You can make your presentation from anywhere (we will put you there virtually!) without outside interference like traffic sounds, wind, and other interruptions. ESP has a full studio green screen set up with a professional three point lighting system. ESP has editing software which allows us to manipulate the background, display charts and videos, and provide close-ups. Additional cameras can be utilized during recording to incorporate different angles into your presentation. Contact ESP today to see what ESP can do for you (805) 377-7333. Visit our Green Screen Video Page for more information.

Education, Training, Seminars & Webinars


ESP has helped small businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and educators reach larger audiences with videos produced, edited, and uploaded to YouTube, incorporated in websites, shared on Facebook pages, or sent out in email newsletters. A consultation with an ESP professional will help you critically identify your message, analyze the dynamic of your target audience, and utilize your budget in the creation of a powerful video message you can share with clients, employees, members, subscribers, or potential customers while growing your online audience.


Learn more about hiring us to film seminars, trainings, meetings and to do editing for online video courses and webinarscall ESP for a quote (805)377-7333. ESP's videos are designed to cut down training costs and generate profits with professional presentations on tape, DVD, the web, and more.

Video Editing


Professional video productions using our footage or yours

Be one of the first to see some of our latest developments and newly renovated studio in downtown Ventura. At ESP, our computers, editing software, and experience allow us to work at a fast pace to polish our own video footage, or to combine our customer's existing footage with graphics, titles, and transitions to give it the qualities of a professionally produced piece. Where ever your business or organization is at with its video capabilities and needs, ESP will be happy to work with you to complete your video projects and campaigns. We have worked with several individuals, businesses, and organizations to produce video to suit their needs and budgets. Call (805)377-7333 to discuss your video project idea and get a quote. Generally, in studio editing time with a professional editor is charged on a per hour basis. Visit our Video Editing page for more information.

Photo Presentations


The Photo Montage feature is a wonderful inexpensive way to bring photos to life and grab an audience.  Tell us your ideas and let us show you how to blend photos and video footage with titles and music to create a video that will inform and entertain any audience.  


Visit our photomontage page for more details!


ESP is available for consultations over the phone, to answer questions, suggest useful services, or provide estimates. Please call (805) 377-7333.

Green Screen
Promotional videos

More Samples

ESP also film Industrial videos, marketing features, and recruitment videos. ESP can assist you with your company meetings and inter-office communication projects by providing videography, video editing, professional DVD authoring, DVD duplicating, packaging, and distributing.

Video facilitates ESP to communicate our message effectively via so many platforms, including:

  • Corporate videos

  • Ads / promos streamed on the Internet and mobile phones

  • Videos of our events, presentations and conferences

  • Podcasts / video podcasts of media interviews

  • Video blogs

  • Video testimonials

  • Promotional

  • Communications

  • Company meetings

  • Industrial videos

  • Sales Conferences

  • Company Profiles

  • Seminars & Trainings

  • Marketing

  • Education

  • Point-of-Purchase

  • Slide Presentations

  • Trade Shows

  • Informational

  • Kiosks

  • Direct Mail

  • Video on your Website

  • Web Sites

  • Duplication (All formats)

  • DVD Authoring

  • Big Screen Presentations

  • Recruitment

Commercial Video Samples
Uploading videos to internet

More Video Services

Uploading Videos to the Internet


Fuel  your brand.  Turn your video loose on the world. Stream it on your website.Do you have a great idea you want to share with the world? ESP can help you get your message out to the millions of people using the Internet on a daily basis. Dan's 12 plus years of experience in videography, video editing, and video transfer allows us to assist you from step one. ESP can help you create a video, edit it, make DVD’s for you to distribute, upload your video to the Internet, and more.


Already have a video? ESP can transfer it and upload it for you. ESP can work with almost any material you provide to create a professional looking video you can be proud of. Over the years ESP have created video commercials, public service announcements, training videos, video portfolios, demo reels, online course video libraries, public and private Internet video channels, fund raising videos, and more! 

DVD Video Portfolios


Present your best work or products in a highlight demo reel great for marketing, advertising, gigs and grants. We can transfer your video from various formats including DVD, VHS, thumb drive, CD and help you edit it into a succinct and professional video presentation. ESP can also upload it to the internet for you so you can display your videos online for private viewing with a password, or for access to the vast world wide audience online. 


After uploading your video, ESP will provide you with a link you can send to customers, employers, or clients via email. If you have your own website and would like to display your video on it, ESP can provide you with the embed code for you to use however and where ever you like! Don’t get left behind, join the online video marketing revolution! Enhance your online presence and gain access to new customers with professionally produced video.

DVD Duplication


Already have a great video on DVD? DVD Duplication is a great service used for informational packets, grant applications, marketing campaigns, and mass distribution of your video material.


ESP offers affordable DVD duplication services. ESP can make exact duplicates of your video in any quantity, or upgrade your video with professional DVD authoring options including an appropriate title menu with music and scene selections. Have old footage captured on VHS, cassettes, or even 8mm film? ESP can transfer that to DVD too! Click here to find out more about our DVD Duplication Prices and Services.

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