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All Your Memories on DVD

Full Service video to DVD transfer company located in Ventura, California.

 Your  memories are a priceless gift to loved ones. I can help you decide on the best way to approach your video transfer project according to your budget and needs. Call now to get started



Video Transfer Pricing

Our most popular video transfer option! Preserves your memories on DVD!

Simple & Cheap DVD

The most cost-effective, economical option to archive your memories on DVD. 

$35 up to 1 hour of content

  • Chapters

  • Done while you wait

  • Two Hr Disk Capacity

  • Click & Play



Simple and Cheap DVDs will play upon insertion with the click of a button and include automatically laid chapter markers for convenience of rewinding or fast forwarding through your material. Simple and cheap authored DVDs are a popular option but for not much more you can present your videos with the professional polished Hollywood pizzazz they deserve. Please see the Interactive DVD description listed below or visit our Interactive DVD page to find out more about video customization and features like Title Menus and Motion Thumbnail Scene Selections.

A more sophisticated option for preserving your memories, great for giving as gifts or for those extra special memories.

$55 up to 1 hour of content

  • Interactive interface

  • Over 100 DVD Themes to Choose From

  • Custom Titling

  • Menus With a Personalized Background Clip

  • Scene Selection Pages

  • Slide Shows (NEW)

  • Scene Selection Chapters

  • Thumbnails Representing Each Chapter

  • Visual Index

  • Disk Artwork


Custom menu with DVD title will play upon insertion with the option to play movie or to navigate using scene selections. Also includes custom laid chapters and disk artwork.

Quantity discounts and Additional copy discounts may apply, please inquire. (805)377-7333.

Ask about our faith based discounts.  <>< 


Accepted Video Formats

  • VHS

  • VHS C

  • Hi8

  • USB Flash Drives

  • Firewire Hard Drives

  • 8mm Cassette

  • Digital 8

  • Mini DV (Digital Video)

  • DVD

  • Streaming to Web

  • Email Encoding

  • Camcorder

  • Sandisk

  • iPhone Transfer

Preserve your family’s memories with one of the affordable pricing options below!

All of the following video formats are accepted:

Accepted Formats
Video to YouTube
At ESP I can help you preserve your home movie memories by digitizing them. In addition to receiving your video on DVD, we can save it as a digital file on an external hard drive, USB thumb/flash drive, or even upload it to the internet for you! 


Internet video sites like YouTube are popular arenas for sharing your videos with family and friends or the entire Internet community. I can help digitize and load your videos to YouTube for public or private viewing with a password. Great for video sharing with relatives and friends from afar, for marketing a product or webinar series, the possibilities are endless! Call ESP with your idea to see what we can do for you (805) 377-7333. 


If you plan on editing your own movies but need some assistance, we're here to help! Bring your hard drive along with the videos you'd like transferred and we will save it to your hard drive in the video format you request. ESP also does video conversion and editing

Phone Camera

Don't wait until it's too late to back up your iPhone movies and photos! Convert and transfer your home movies off your cell phones, hard drives, USB drives, thumb drives, iPhones etc.


ESP also offer video editing services to help you piece together your iPhone video clips into meaningful movies you can duplicate and share with family and friends. Our DVD's will play on most DVD players (newer than 2004), computers, and laptops. If you have a special project in mind (for Mother's Day, your wedding anniversary, your awesome trip to Hawaii) ESP can help you create it!

Helping families preserve legacies for over 14 years! is a Full Service VHS to DVD video transfer company serving Ojai, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and all of Ventura County. Call us today to see what ESP can do for you (805) 377-7333.

Interactive DVD Features

What is an interactive DVD anyway? Interactive DVDs contain all the finishing touches of Hollywood-style DVDs!! Let us organize your movies and build your own DVD menus incorporating a Scene Selection visual index system that allows you to see a  thumbnail representing each custom set chapter.  A very fun and easy way to effectively navigate through your content. With new custom designed menu themes your DVDs will look like a Hollywood studio produced them!


Make a scene. One of the best things about watching DVDs is navigating from scene to scene without rewinding or fast forwarding. Let ESP add the same professional touch to your DVD's themed title menu and buttons.


Let your own home video outshine the one you rent for the weekend. With ESP's Interactive DVD's you will receive a customized and cohesive DVD masterpiece. Check out some custom DVD Theme Menus, Scene Selection pages, and DVD Covers we've created (left).

Camera Books

Film Transfer

We also transfer regular 8mm film, Super8 film, Super8 with sound, and 16mm film to DVD and hard drive. Check out samples and pricing. 

Photo Slideshows

Preserve your family photos and bring them to life in an animated slideshow set to music.  Get your photos out of boxes and dusty albums and share them with family and friends in an entertaining video presentation. Share via DVD or link! Take advantage of our scanning services to digitize your photo archive. Our photomontages are customizable and make a wonderful gift.


Family History Videos

We can help you create a living legacy of your loved one on video telling the story of their life for future generations. Family History Videos make great keepsakes and family heirlooms. Use interviews with your loved one filmed by us or use our video editing services to edit previously recorded video footage of your loved one in combination with family photos and home movie memories to tell a beautiful story of their life and family history.

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