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Guest Interviews

Wedding Guest Interview for Wedding Video

Want to hear from your guests directly on your wedding day? Be sure to request guest interviews when speaking with your videographer. Many videographers use a documentary style to capture the day as it unfolds in an unobtrusive way (they do not engage guests or asks for smiles-instead they capture the day, the candid glances, and people being themselves). For a videographer, guest interviews can be hard to get as many people get stage fright when handed a mic unexpectedly. It really helps if the couple announces the availability of the camera and their desire to hear from their guests. Then guests can approach the camera when they are ready and know they are speaking to you.

As the couple, just know that these interviews can be hilarious and also heartwarming. How precious it will be watching your grandma give you wedding advice years later when she is no longer with you. Hearing her voice and seeing the way she smiled is priceless. As videographers, we can also attest to the strange things people say and do in front of a camera. . . so if there are a couple of those in the mix, your video will be super entertaining too! Hint: ask to have your guest interviews included as a separate feature if you’re worried about Uncle Eddy!

Some advice for wedding guests or party guests asked to do a video message: be yourself and envision the couple or person you are talking to. Share a touching story or memory that the event brings to mind (don’t reveal anything private or unsavory-remember there is a possibility of future parents-in-law or kids seeing it); congratulate the couple and give a compliment about them, the celebration, or the day; and wish them well for their future life together. You don’t need to write a speech or anything, just a few sentences will do, and if you are nervous do your message with another person or pass the mic around in a small group. A few moments of nervousness in front of the camera can really mean a lot to the couple.

Wishing you many happy wedding day memories!


EuroStarProductions (ESP)

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