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Website Design

ESP offers high quality web design at an affordable price. We will create a website tailored to meet your specific needs and increase your business opportunities. Your website will be professional and unique, reflecting your brand in an attractive interactive interface.


Websites provide businesses all over the world with an additional medium for marketing and promoting their products and services. Take advantage of your opportunity to join the World Wide Web and increase the visibility of your business, product, or service today.


Let Us Build Your Web Site! 

Work one-on-one with a Website Designer. We'll design and build your website to meet your needs... and your budget. Call 805.377.7333 now to get started.

Web Design Packages & Pricing

Customize each package to match your unique budget and needs!

Below are some of our popular Website Design Packages ranging from fairly basic to more comprehensive. Each package includes a list of features and services that can be included in the creation of a website. Custom packages and quotes are available to ensure you get all the features you want and nothing you don't need. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your vision and needs please contact (805) 377-7333. We look forward to working with you!


All content provided by client

  • FREE phone consultation

  • 1 sample website design​ with your content (up to 3 pages)

  • Image gallery (up to 10 images)

  • Embedded video (up to 1 video)

  • Basic contact form connected to your email

  • Map of your location

  • 1 revision session (up to 20 minutes revision work)

  • Favicon of your logo

  • Connection to your domain

All content provided by client

  • All Basic Features

  • Image gallery (up to 20 images)

  • Embedded video (up to 2 videos)

  • 1 revision session (up to 30 minutes revision work)

  • Integration of client provided content

  • Organized files of all website content for back up purposes

  • Web hosting for 1 year

  • Connect social media links to existing accounts

Custom content creation

  • All Advanced Features

  • 2 sample website designs​ with your content (up to 5 pages)

  • Image gallery (up to 30 images)

  • Embedded video (up to 5 video)

  • Custom contact form connected to your email

  • 2 revision sessions (up to 30 minutes revision work each session

  • Assistance with content creation

  • Recommendations and research for helpful services and apps to integrate with site 

Custom content creation

  • All advanced Features

  • Multiple image galleries

  • Embedded video up to 20

  • 3 day revision period

  • Photoshop work to enhance website images as needed

  • SEO for each page including title and description

  • Set up of Blog

  • Set up of app

  • Free 30 day consult and assistance with website tweaks and how-to update/change content

Note: All packages can elect to have a designer on call for website maintenance and updates. Designers can assist you and work on your website at an hourly rate any time after the initial website design is complete and published.


Domain prices are not included in the above packages. We are happy to assist you in selecting a domain provider and to advise in the selection of your domain during your free consultation. 


After the first year, you will be responsible for paying the yearly or monthly price of website hosting and domain directly to the domain and hosting provider. These are the two basic services needed to maintain any website.

Web Design Pricing

The Website Design Process

Thank you for considering Dan Redderson for your website needs! We've included some steps below to give you an idea of our how our website design process works. 

1) Most of our website customers have been customers of our other services! If you are finding us for the first time, a website design starts with a phone call. No matter where you are in the process of visualizing your online presence, we are here and ready to consult you for free.

During our phone consultation we discuss your product, business, or service. We discuss what content you can provide us with to start working on your initial site design. Typically, our customers have some photos, a product, brochure, Facebook or other other social media account, an old website, or even just a logo. You let us know what your purpose is for the website for example, to sell a product, to provide information, and online course, a non-profit, etc. We will discuss website domains, how to select a domain, and where you can get a domain if you don't already have one. We will send you a design and custom quote to flesh out the design with your content.

2) After settling on a website package, we are ready to receive your content. This is best sent all at once in a single email, on a thumb drive, or via dropbox. 

3) Once we've received and organized your content we can begin to flesh out your design. If you do not have a lot of content to work with, we have access to image libraries or can suggest resources that will sell rights to use their images on your site. We can provide graphic design services to you for an additional cost per project, or you can choose to hire outside graphic designers if you like. We want your site to be beautiful and useful!

4) When we've finished your design with your provided content integrated, we will send you a draft (not a live site) for your review. Record any changes you would like to make in a single organized email or document. Depending on your selected package, we will address each item according to the revision time frame outlined. If we need additional time to complete the revision or you require an additional service, like a members login or an online survey app for example, we are able to advise you on how to move forward.


5) Once the design is approved, we will purchase a yearly website hosting package and connect your website to your domain. It can take up to 72 hours to be active online for all available users. If you want to take over your website from here we can transfer ownership to you at this point. If you would like us to have access as a website manager we will set that permission during ownership transfer, and can be available to help at an hourly rate going forward. Once website ownership is transferred, you will have the keys and will be responsible for the cost of hosting the following year.

The Process
Website Samples

Website Design Samples

Additional Services

Develop SEO Optimized Sites

We design with both visual impact and search engine optimization in mind. At first glance, users will be able to determine what your business or service is about and see examples in images, portfolios, and HD videos. With our search engine friendly design, your most important pages and keywords will stand out to search engines like Google. This helps your website move higher up on search engine rankings so you show up on top of your competition. 

Include and Create HD Videos

A visually appealing video is a wonderful way to present a product, business, or service. Innovative and professional videos create an interactive experience for visitors to your site and are a great addition to any webpage. If you have a video or commercial you want included on your site, we will upload and embed it for you. We also have the equipment, capability, and experience to help you shoot a custom video in HD.


Increase Marketing Through Social Networking

In addition to showcasing video on your site, it can be uploaded to social networking sites like You Tube, increasing your web presence. Social networking sites instantaneously allow you to have access to a larger audience as millions of users log into these sites on a daily basis. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your marketing reach by including videos on your site and on established, active social networking sites.

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Website More Services
Business Owner in Workshop

Contact Us

To effectively market your services and increase your business opportunities call 805.377.7333 and we’ll get your website started now. Please feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about the website design services that we can offer you.


Websites are not one size fits all

Every business is unique and has different goals, audience, and needs. We offer individualized quotes based on consultations and will be able to inform you of additional services such as basic search engine optimization (SEO), blog set up, eCommerce packages, widget plug-ins for interactive applications, image galleries, form creation, image and graphics, etc. We also offer video services. Please contact us with your questions at 805.377.7333 or email us at 


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