Video to Hard Drive

Go digital! Transfer your movies to a Hard Drive


Digitizing is a service we provide upon request, and it is gaining popularity as editing software and video uploading becomes more user friendly. It is a great option for customers who wish to edit their own videos or for those who wish to keep a high resolution file of their transferred videos on a hard drive for safe keeping, back up, and future use.


We do provide video editing services for customers who do not have time to learn video editing software, and many people take advantage of our seventeen years of video editing experience. Saving the edited video files to a hard drive allows our customers to access the files directly from their hard drive. This saves the extra step of getting video off of a DVD, and makes it easier to create high resolution DVD copies, or to upload the video files to popular video hosting sites like Vimeo and YouTube for sharing.


Don’t know how to upload your videos for viewing on the World Wide Web? We can do it for you. Please contact us for more information at (805) 377-7333.

We can save your video files to an external hard drive, thumb drives, or even upload them to the internet for you to share with your friends and family. Call (805)377-7333.

Digitize your videos! In addition to pro DVD authoring, get a digital file.

How do I get my videos digitized and saved to hard drive?


The simple answer:  Digitizing is the process of converting your analog video ( video from a VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, etc.) to a digital file or format.  


Why should I digitize my videos?:


If you want to edit your own video and have the editing software and tools to do so, digitizing your videos is the first step. Once we get the material transferred off the analog video source and save to your external hard drive, you will have a digital file you can view and edit on your computer.

Back up: Having a DVD of your videos will allow you to watch them on your TV. Plus, you will have the piece of mind of preserving the quality of your video in a digital format, which does not deteriorate as analog video does. But, DVDs can be affected by improper storage and can get scratched making them unusable. A digital file saved to a hard drive will allow you to make as many DVD copies as you like at any time in the future.

Storage: Storing your video on a hard drive is a great space saver. Plus it is very portable, sharable, and can be accessed for future use and needs. Of course, we recommend having a back up of your hard drive as well, in case your drive ever gets lost or damaged.


The Process (in detail):

Step 1: Select the video cassettes or film reels  you would like to have transferred and digitized.

Step 2: Decide how you would like your videos preserved (any one or combination of the following):

  • DVD

  • Hard drive

  • Thumb drive

  • Video Upload to Internet

Step 3: Purchase a hard drive or thumb drive that is the appropriate size to accommodate your video. Call us and we can suggest the specific storage size and file type to meet your needs or see the following guidelines for more information: 

  • Several digital data file formats are available depending on your needs (.avi, .mov, .m4v, .wmv). The kind of video format you choose depends on whether or not you plan to edit your videos and what computer and programs you will use for editing; or whether you just want to have a back up of all your videos for storage. For example, .wmv files are necessary to use the Windows Live Movie Maker program available on Windows 7 computers. Other Windows editing programs may require .avi files, and .mov or .m4v files are great for Apple computers and their editing software including iDVD and Final Cut Pro.

The amount of storage for each file type is typically as follows:   

  • .avi can take up to 13GB of storage space per hour of video, they are only slightly compressed so they are the best quality 

  • .mov video files take up 8GB of storage space per hour of video.

  • .m4v  video files take up 1GB of storage space per hour of video

  • .wmv files take up 500MB of storage space per hour of video   

Step 4: Next, bring us your videos and film reels and we will capture them to our computer in the form of a digital file. 

Step 5: We will format your drive for Mac, PC, or exFAT for both. (NOTE: the formatting process will erase your drive contents to prepare the drive for your new video files. Please bring us new, unused or empty drives.)  

Step 6: Then we will transfer your videos files from our computer to your drive. Viola, your videos are digitized!


$35 per hour of video, includes transfer and formatting of your drive. 


  • Quantity discounts are available, please inquire (805)377-7333.

  • We have some thumb drives available on site for you to purchase if you desire. We will be happy to use any external hard drive or thumb drive you provide (USB 2.0 or Firewire 800 connection) as long as it is new or has no material on it.

  • If you decide you would like a different video format after your videos have been digitized, we offer video format conversion services as well.

  • Inquire about price for uploading your video to the internet.

Not tech savvy? Don't worry


We have the equipment and skills needed to get your material off of VHS, DVD, the Internet, hard drives, flash drives, etc. We can work with you at every step, from concept to completion. We have professional editors, videographers, graphic artists, and web professionals working with the latest software and equipment to assist in the completion of your project. Call for a consultation or quote and find out what we can do for you (805) 377-7333.

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