Family History Video

Your Loved One's Living Legacy on DVD has been preserving family memories in Ventura County for over 14 years. Our loved ones are so special to us, it is hard to imagine life without them. Family stories around the dinner table, precious time spent reminiscing over family photo albums, and even their warm embraces are deeply missed once they are no longer with us. With our Family History Videos, you can relive the memories your loved ones leave behind for you and the generations to come.


We will capture your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather telling their story and weave it together with photos and music to enhance the moment. We can provide a list of questions for them to reflect upon, in addition to any custom input or stories that are meaningful to the family. We provide editing for smooth transitions, and to remove any pauses or repetition. With our filming and editing experience, you will receive a beautiful family legacy preserved on DVD. 

“I treasure the family history my father gave on video. He enjoyed the process of sharing stories from his childhood, the lessons he learned, and the family moments that touched him most. Watching the video with my family is so special. They roll around laughing at times and huddle together with deep respect and affection at others. I am so pleased with the video and my dad feels wonderful knowing that his story will be passed on to our children. Thank you so much for this very special gift of living history.”


Ramona B.

Custom video production and editing


Your Family History Video can be tailored to fit your vision and budget. It can be filmed in the comfort of your own home and may include another family member in conversation. If you would like to include photos or be involved in the editing process (additional charge per hour), we will be happy to accommodate you. If you have your own video interview or footage you would like to use or incorporate into your Family History Video, we can do that too! 

“It was a joy to have Mom on video telling stories of when she was a little girl growing up on the family farm. My kids love to hear about how much has changed: “Grandma how did you get to the store without a car? What is an icebox? Grandma, was there really no cell phones?” We laugh and laugh. I love that my kids get to hear all about their grandpa who has passed from Grandma as she flips through family photos. I know that I will treasure this for a long time.”


Sandy B.

What you will receive

Each Family History Video package includes your family history on a fully-interactive DVD. Your DVD will have a custom title menu and custom scene selections to help you navigate through your video. You will also receive a DVD with custom artwork on the label including pictures of your featured family member. To see more samples of DVD Menus click here. To see more samples of DVD Scene Selections click here.

Family History Videos are priceless gifts that inevitably become treasured family heirlooms. Give your great grandchildren the chance to meet you and hear about their family history. Tell those you love where your family came from, what makes them special, and share your message of love for them. Capture your loved ones and their precious memories on DVD today. 


If you would like to find out more about preserving your family history on video please give us a call at (805) 377-7333. We strive to capture your unique family history and would love to hear your ideas and input. Call today for a custom quote (805) 377-7333.

Family History Video Sample: Set-up and Video Clip

Comfortable and intimate setting for filming your history video. This video was filmed at client's home upon request.

A short clip taken from this client's Family History Video relates his experiences visiting another country and his love of travel.

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