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Our interactive DVD’s add the perfect finishing touch to your home movie memories. They include a themed title menu with music, and the option to “play” the video or to navigate through “scene selections.” The scene selection menus (pictured below) include music and motion thumbnail images from your movie. This feature gives you an overview of the subjects in your movie (baby’s first steps, Christmas time, Tahoe vacation, etc.), and allows you to view specific scenes without having to rewind or fast forward through your movie.


What makes Interactive DVD’s so special?


As soon as you place your DVD in the player, you will hear music welcoming you to the movies! And what could be more exciting than recognizing the faces of your loved ones on screen as the stars of the show! You have the option to browse through custom set chapters in “Scene Selections,” or to play your movie all the way through with the click of a button.  In addition to being functional, our themed title menus look professional and provide an engaging introduction to your special home movie memories.

Interactive DVD Features:


Interactive interface with Music

Over 100 DVD Themes to Choose From

Custom Titling

Custom Disk Cover

Motion Menus With a Personalized Background Clip

Scene Selection Pages

Slide Shows (New)

1.5 Hour Disk Capacity

Custom Set Chapters

Motion Thumbnails Representing Each Chapter

Visual Index

Interactive DVD Pricing:


 Initial DVD



Additional DVD’s:

9.95 Per Additional (1-10 DVD’s)

8.95 Per Additional (11-30 DVD’s)

5.95 Per Additional (30-100 DVD’s)






Order more for family & friends and SAVE with QUANTITY DISCOUNTS! Call for details!

DVD Title Menus


Browse just a few examples of our available themed Title Menus at right. The Title Menu will appear automatically when you insert the DVD in your player. Just like in Hollywood produced movies, the DVD Title Menu contains music and images from the movie and the options to "Play Movie" or browse through the "Scene Selections."  See examples of our themed Scene Selections by clicking here.


For a detailed description of some of the features and functions utilized to creatively and effectively navigate though your video DVD click here.

Additional Menus and DVD Features


Included with all our interactive DVDs is custom disk artwork featuring stills taken from scenes of your video. You can also decide on a custom title for your video that we will include on the physical disk alongside the images or custom artwork. If you prefer, you can provide the disk artwork you would like us to use for your interactive DVD.


Optional features you may want to include on your DVD are a photo slide show, silly scenes, video message, highlight reel, or musical reflection. These shorter videos can be accessed from the DVD Title menu as bonus features or "Extras."   


View examples of "Extras" menus and disk artwork at right. There are also options for editing your videos with a professional video editor to cut out unwanted scenes or enhance your video.

Scene Selections


Browse just a few examples of our available themed Scene Selection menus at right. Our scene selections are unique in that each scene is represented by a motion thumbnail image from that particular scene in your movie. Scenes are custom set to represent different subjects, film reels, or a change of scene. In addition to selecting a custom theme for your scene selections, you can choose a custom DVD theme. You can also see examples of our themed Title Menus by clicking here.


For a detailed description of some of the features and functions utilized to creatively and effectively navigate though your video DVD click here.


Read about additional DVD features and menus below.

Custom Disk Artwork


Browse just a few examples of our custom DVD labels and artwork at right. All interactive DVDs include custom images taken from your home videos or video footage in addition to an optional title like "Johnson Family Films" featured on the DVD label. We do not use paper labels or recommend them as they may affect DVD play back.


If you have a special request for more text to be included on the label, please let us know. We also offer custom DVD artwork and DVD label design. If you would like, we can use your own label artwork if you are able to email it to us or provide a saved jpeg or png file on a thumb drive or disk. Custom DVD artwork and/or using your own DVD label may affect the pricing as it will require more time and proper alignment before printing. Additional proofing and edits may also incur an extra charge. Be sure to request a quote. 

The Perfect Gift for your Loved Ones.


An interactive DVD not only preserves your family memories, it also makes a treasured keepsake. To learn more about our video transfer services click here. We also transfer 8mm film reels!

  • Baby’s First Year

  • Mother's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • Grandparent’s Day

  • Christmas

  • Father's Day

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Reunions

  • Graduation Gifts

  • Friendship Gifts

  • Wedding Gifts

Give a gift that is truly thoughtful, personal, and entertaining. Share your home movie memories at any one of these special occasions:

Need help projecting your video? We can help you with that too! Please visit our video projection page or contact us for a free quote. You can also view a sample video projection screening with crowd reaction HERE.

Helping families preserve legacies for over 14 years! is a Full Service VHS to DVD video transfer company serving Ojai, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and all of Ventura County.

Still have questions? Contact us at (805)377-7333 or read more about customizable DVD options here.

Interactive DVDs

Scene Selections
DVD Tile Menus
Extras Menu
Disk Cover Design Artwork
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