Custom Photo Montages Bring Your Photos to Life!

A video photomontage is a creative and entertaining way to present your family photo albums. Your pictures are set to music and will transition beautifully from one image to the next, enhancing the experience by adding motion and heartfelt songs to capture the emotion. A priceless gift, perfect for sharing at birthday parties, weddings, and other special events.


Watch Photomontage Video Samples, View Photomontage Pricing & Features, learn How to Prepare Your Photos, and get Self-scanning Tips.

$1.99 per photo Photomontage Special!*
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Photo Montage DVD Features & Pricing

Photomontage prices are based on simple per picture pricing. Each montage comes with a photomontage theme, title on opening image, music, and all the interactive DVD features including menu, scene selections, and custom DVD artwork with title.



25-50 photos $4.99 each

51-100 photos $3.99 each

101-200 photos $2.99 each



If you would like to further customize your montage by adding additional text, more elaborate titling, your own music selections, etc., we can accommodate you. You also have the option to sit with our video editor for full customer customization and control at an hourly rate. Any changes you request after viewing your finished montage may incur an additional charge because it requires editing and re-exporting the digital video file, re-authoring the DVD, burning a new DVD, and generating another label.  


*Save money by scanning your own photos! Take advantage of our $1.99/photo discount by scanning your own photos and bringing the cropped, numbered, and scanned photos in on a CD, thumb drive/flash drive, or external hard drive.


Free Packaged Features


Included Features:


  • Color Correction 

  • Light Retouching

  • Creative Cropping

  • Animated Opening Graphic

  • Establishing Title at Opening

  • Artful Transitions Between Pictures

  • Theme Related Music Yours or Ours

  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom for Particular Pictures.

  • Professional Transition Between Pictures.

  • Closing Congratulatory, Happy Anniversary, etc.

  • Interactive DVD with Custom Titling and Chapters

Make a scene

One of the best things about watching DVD’s is navigating from scene to scene without rewinding or fast forwarding. Let ESP add the same professional touch to your DVD’s themes titles and button.

Motion Thumbnail Chapter Buttons

For each scene in your video, ESP adds an animated video icon of the scene and a custom chapter title (“You May Kiss the Bride” or ”Blowing out the Candles”).  This feature can be a huge benefit for watching otherwise long monotonous home videos.

Custom Title Page

There are several Title Menu Themes available to customize your video photomontage. A professional looking title page will appear when your DVD is inserted with options to play the featured presentation or view the scene selections.

Interactive Archived DVD


  • This is a free included feature with all

  • 'Simple Per Picture' photomontages

  • Interactive Interface

  • Over 100 DVD Themes to Choose From

  • Scene Selection Chapters

  • Motion Thumbnails Representing Each Chapter

  • Custom Titling

  • Main Menu With a Personalized Background Clip

  • Scene Selections Menus

  • 1.5 Hr Disk Capacity