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video projection

Video Projection

Video Projection can be an excellent way to entertain guests at a wedding or party, share memories at a memorial service or celebration of life reception, or to inform or educate at a training, seminar, or lecture. Whether your video or slideshow is produced by us or created by you or another professional, we can provide video projection services including screen, projector, DVD player, speaker, and wired microphone. 

Give us a call to find out what we can do for you (805)377-7333.

Projection Sample & Pricing

Euro Star Productions offers video projection services often in conjunction with other services such as video photomontage, wedding videography, or memorial videos. We provide the projector and a person to set up, monitor, and take down the projector after the event. Speakers are an additional set of equipment that are often needed for video projection. However, many events typically have a DJ or MC hired for their event and our projection technician can patch into their speakers for sound. If the video or material to be projected does not require sound, for example a video played on loop during a memorial service reception, you can save on the cost of our video projection services as less equipment is required. 
Projection service pricing depends on how long you would like the projection to play (a single crowd showing with audio, or a silent video on loop), and the equipment you require. Please contact us to share your vision and to get a free quote.

Video footage taken at a wedding reception projection screening. Ambient audience sounds and reactions to a very basic Couple's Photomontage created by ESP!  

Projection Sample and Price
People celebrating

Share your favorite memories with the ones you love most!

Sharing video is a great way for guests to reminisce on the life of a loved one, to celebrate a couple's love story on their wedding day, or to share family photos in an entertaining format at reunions, birthday parties, or anniversaries. When shared, videos create a sense of closeness and bonding in any crowd gathered at a social event.
Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with our clients to create meaningful, touching, sometimes sad and sometimes funny videos. It is always a pleasure to see how a crowd reacts to the finished product . . . and we are grateful to share in that experience. 
Visit our photomontage page for more samples of our work or contact us to start creating your own video masterpiece. 

Additional Services

Photo Slideshows

Honoring a friend or family member? For their special occasion present them with a customized photomontage featuring their favorite memories! Take advantage of our scanning services to digitize your photo archive and we will help  transform your photos into an entertaining video presentation. 

Film Transfer

We also transfer regular 8mm film, Super8 film, Super8 with sound, and 16mm film to DVD and hard drive. Check out samples and pricing. 

Family History Videos

We can help you create a living legacy of your loved one on video telling the story of their life for future generations. Family History Videos make great keepsakes and family heirlooms. Use interviews with your loved one filmed by us or use our video editing services to edit previously recorded video footage of your loved one in combination with family photos and home movie memories to tell a beautiful story of their life and family history.

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