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Photomontage Preparation: Self-Scanning Tips

Preparing your photos is as easy as 1-2-3! First choose your photos, second put them in the order you like, and third bring your photos to us and we’ll take it from there!


You can be confident your pictures will be handled with the upmost care and will never leave our studio. All the work is done exactly where you drop your photos off. We will spend time asking and answering questions about your project to help ensure you get the priceless memory masterpiece you desire.


Hand Deliver or Scan?

Save money, Scan your photos onto a CD


You can hand deliver your photos or you have the option to scan and save them to a CD, thumb drive, or hard drive.

In order to digitize photos yourself, you can pick up an inexpensive flatbed scanner (about $69), if you don't already own one. Some multifunction printers will also have the ability to scan photos (usually an inkjet printer, scanner, photocopier and fax machine all in one unit).Depending on how many photos you have, be aware this process might take a long time.

To help you through the digitizing process, we’ve included some scanning tips below. 

Self-Scanning Tips

  • Thoroughly wipe the glass surface of your scanner bed.

  • Scan the photos facedown

  • Set your scanner to scan at the normal default setting of 300 DPI-600 DPI. Note: The higher the dots per inch (DPI), the better the resolution. 300 DPI is good for photos but 600 DPI is recommended to ensure you get all the details in your pictures. A resolution of 1,200 DPI is only necessary if you're looking to enlarge a photo to a poster-sized print.

  • Set the scanned image to be saved in the JPEG file format.

  • Naming or labeling your image files with a number during the scanning process can save you time (If each picture file is numbered, the intended order is clear). Some scanners will do this automatically, others will ask you to provide a name. Number the photos in the order you want them to appear.

  • It helps to have a folder on your computer to save the scans to. Make sure you tell your scanner where to send the image files.

  • Several pictures can be placed on your scanner bed at a time. Some scanners will separate the photos automatically. For others, you must set the scanning boundaries after a preview scan, and scan again to save.

  • Save your pictures on a CD, USB stick drive or a hard drive. Make sure they are saved on your CD or digital storage device in the order you want them to appear. You may wish to review the order on your computer before burning to CD or bringing us your drive. You can always rename and reorder the files on your computer or drive if you find some out of place.

  • Bring us your CD or drive and we will start your custom photo montage!

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 11.57.24 AM.png

More Scanning Options

You can save your scanned images to CD, thumb drive, or external hard drive. 

USB Flash Drive Stick
  • All Kinkos stores now have a photo scan service within the "Sony PictureStation"Machine.

  • Many copy services or photo labs offer picture scan services where employees will scan your photos for you at an hourly rate.

  • Or eliminate the extra trip to the photo copy store and let us scan your photos for you!

If this process is too demanding of your time and technical ability, don’t worry. We are more than happy to scan your photos for you. Or check out more scanning options below. We are available for consultations over the phone and can be reached for project updates and to answer any questions that you have. Just call (805) 377-7333.

Old Asian man watching a tablet

Your Memory Masterpiece

We take pride in our work and product and our customers are very important to us. Each photomontage we create is as unique as the individuals pictured in them. If you want a custom memory masterpiece to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, provide a memorial tribute, commemorate an anniversary, or honor some other special occasion or achievement you’ve found the right place. Contact us today (805) 377-7333.

Photomontage Extras

In addition to featuring your favorite photos in a beautiful video slideshow, you can add video clips, custom titles and messages, custom music, and much more! If you have any special requests for your project let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. We even offer in-studio editing time with a professional video editor by the hour.

Other Services

We can help you preserve VHS video cassettes, 8mm film reels, and many other video formats. We can upload your video to the internet and provide a link for easy sharing with friends and loved ones.

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