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How to Prepare Your Photo Montage Video

Do you have stacks of old photos or family albums on shelves gathering dust? Give them a memory makeover with an exciting video photomontage your family and friends will love to watch over and over again. 


Our aim is to keep the process as simple and fun as possible! Get Started Today with these three simple steps: choose, organize, and leave the rest to us!

Image by Rirri


Selection Tips:


  • Select photos that evoke emotion

  • Candid creative shots work best

  • Try to avoid blurry pictures

  • We accept photos of any size and shape

  • We can touch up, enhance, label, and crop your photos

  • There is no limit on the amount of photos you choose


  • Bring us your loose photographs or scanned files and we will prepare your memory montage masterpiece! Unlike some of our competitors, we do all the work in studio so you don’t have to worry about shipping your photos.  

  • Every montage is special and different. A design consultant will be happy to discuss options and details of your order with you. Your consultant will walk with you through the entire process, making suggestions and answering questions, to ensure that your slide show meets and exceeds your expectations

Please let us know if you have a special vision for your project and we will be happy to accommodate you. We will give you a courtesy call to let you know when your project is ready for pick up.


Organization Tips:


  • Sticky notes can be placed on the backs of photos to denote title or order

  • Your photos don't have to be in perfect chronological order. Grouping by subject such as Halloween, Hiking, Vacation, etc. allows us to add custom music to fit the theme. Be creative and have fun!

  • If you choose to scan your own photos, we will place them in the order you saved them on your disc, hard drive, flash drive, or memory card. Don’t know how to scan . . . check out our Self Scanning page for tips or just bring in your stacks of photos and we will do it for you!

Customize It! 

Photomontage presentation

Thoughtful touches make all the difference!

Consider your audience:


Will your video be presented at a sweet sixteen birthday bash or a retirement party? Should your video be funny, sentimental, or an emotional rollercoaster? What should the audience feel when it’s over? Let us know. We can adjust the speed and help you decide on an appropriate amount of photos for a desired running time. We also have an extensive music library to select from to match your special moments.

Music to match the moment:


Upbeat music, memory related tunes, or music by a favorite artist are all available options for your perfectly customized video photo montage. We maintain a library of over 5,000 music titles and styles to match just about every moment. We seamlessly fade and dissolve in and out of songs to follow the various emotional patterns within picture groups. 


Hundreds of Themes:


Photomontages are perfect for individuals, couples, families, vacations, etc. Whether you wish to create a living history of Grandma, or revitalize your wedding album for an anniversary celebration, we have several background themes to enhance the viewing experience. We can also add beautiful titles and congratulatory messages to commemorate your montage as a special gift to your loved ones.

Surprising Mom

A Final Note

Have fun and color outside the lines! We hesitated in listing any preparation tips because guidelines put you in a box. Every montage is special and different, just like the individuals we create them for. GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE SOMETHING NEW. You will be surprised to see the transformation from a dusty photo album to an entertaining and emotional memory masterpiece full of life, laughter, and touching moments that will bring tears to your eyes.


Still have questions? Contact us at (805) 377-7333, we'd love to help you.

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