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Video Portfolios

Create a fully interactive demo reel featuring you and your craft


DVD video portfolios are perfect for promoting and marketing professional artists, businesses, and non-profits. Showcase your work and talent with a concise and entertaining demo reel, commercial, or educational production that can be distributed to your target audience, used to gain grants or scholarships, promote your work or message, and enhance your exposure through Internet presence.


A DVD Video Portfolio is a great marketing tool for artists and professionals of all kinds. It can be anything from TV features and movie appearances, modeling clips, and educational programming to commercials and stand-up comedy. We will help you organize your career highlights into a concise demo reel you will be proud to distribute to clients, agents, directors, producers, grant organizations, record labels, employers, etc. Present your work in a very professional DVD Video Portfolio and give yourself an edge above the competition.


Be The Whole Package

Make a lasting impression when you present Your Talent and Experience wrapped up in a Polished Video Portfolio.

DVD Video Portfolio Demo Reels are essential for a variety of artists and professionals.

Actors and actresses

Singers and musicians


Visual artists

Entertainers and performers

Disc Jockeys DJ’s

Special event coordinators

Organizations and non profits


Web designers

Multimedia professionals

Title designers

Visual effects artists


Broadcast designers

Editors and producers

Grants and fund raising

Marketing and commercials

Educators and Advocates

Graphic Artists

Sound designers




Put your life's work at your fingertips


The Process: Once we have successfully transferred your video library to DVD, consider what material you would like to combine into a more customized action packed DVD archive. We will help you edit your material and combine your clips into a comprehensive and concise demo reel.

You will receive a professional DVD with custom title menu, an elaborate DVD chaptering system to creatively navigate through your material, and a polished portfolio perfect for presenting your work to clients, agents, and self-promotion.

Hourly editing time with a professional editor gives you full control over your video production, ad, or demo reel.

Great video announcement generates excitement and informs potential clients about education opportunitites for this webinar series.

The Price: For $200* you will receive a consultation, promotional page on our established site, up to one hour of editing, and an authored DVD with themed title, scene selections, and printed label.*This is not a concrete price, nor is it the only pricing package available. Because each project is unique and each client has different needs, pricing can vary. Check out our available products and services and call us for a quote (805) 377-7333We offer several products and services to enhance your DVD video portfolio presentation. Give us a call to discuss your vision and we can provide specific information and pricing options tailored to your needs (805) 377-7333.

Products and Services:


  • Consultation

  • Take material off internet, tapes, dvd, flash drive, hard drives, etc. to be incorporated in your demo reel portfolio

  • Transfer your material from internet, tapes, dvd, flash drive, hard drives, etc. to DVD for archive purposes. Visit our video duplication page. Click here.

  • Edit your material into a powerful and concise demo

  • Upload your demo reel to popular online media resources like YouTube, Vimeo, ReverbNation, IMDB, etc

  • Create a fully interactive, professional authored DVD with custom selected theme, chapters, and motion thumbnails. Browse our DVD theme samples and scene selection menus.

  • Create a custom DVD label printed directly onto the disc with your contact information clearly displayed (we can use your logo and artwork or create one for you).

  • Professional website (Visit our Web Design page.)

  • Promotional page on our established site

  • Optimized videos/page/site with description, tags, and key words

  • One-on-one editing time with our video editing professional in our state-of-the-art, newly remodeled studio using professional grade editing software.

  • Make additional copies of your DVD video portfolio for distribution

  • Interactive slide shows can also be a colorful addition to any DVD Video Portfolio. Visit our photo montage page.

Not tech savvy? Don't worry


We have the equipment and skills needed to get your material off of VHS, DVD, the Internet, hard drives, flash drives, etc. We can work with you at every step, from concept to completion. We have professional editors, videographers, graphic artists, and web professionals working with the latest software and equipment to assist in the completion of your project. Call for a consultation or quote and find out what we can do for you (805) 377-7333.

Stand Out!


Too often, scouts, agents, recruiters etc. become overwhelmed by one-dimensional presentations. Your DVD will be creatively authored to show off your specific style and target your niche audience. An up to date video portfolio or demo reel is a necessity for creative professionals who want to maintain an edge and be seen. We have experience working with a wide range of professionals, educators, and organizations who have utilized our services to promote their work, products, creative ideas, and causes. Call us today to see what we can do for you (805) 377-7333.

Market yourself, your skills & talent, or your product with a custom video

Share your video online with social media sites!

We can also upload your video to social media or YouTube and send you a link that you can share with potential clients, talent scouts, etc. If you have a website, you can embed the video into your site. At ESP we offer Website Design services if you're interested, please inquire or visit our Website Design page for more information.

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