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Custom DVD Options

Interactive DVDs are fully customizable!

What is an interactive DVD? Hollywood-style DVDs!! Let us organize your movies and build custom DVD menus incorporating a Scene Selection visual index system that allows you to see a motion thumbnail clip representing each custom set chapter. Scene selections are a very fun and easy way to effectively navigate through your content, and can be set to each clip, change of scene, or film reel. Additional Options: Create photo slideshows, and build your own DVD menus—even add your Keynote presentations or blooper reel to a DVD.

STEP 1: Choose a DVD Theme Menu

Pick a next-generation DVD theme.

With new custom designed menu themes your DVDs will look like a Hollywood studio produced them!


Dozens of new themes to choose from.

ESP features Dozens of new Apple-designed themes. All of our DVD themes are available in both widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) formats. Each DVD theme includes a family of three-coordinated menus: a main menu, a chapter menu for scene selection, an extras menu for slideshows and other content. And all the other features listed below.


Theme application process.

Let ESP incorporate your movies, photos, etc. in your DVD project to create a mesmerizing, fully-customized motion background. We can use your photos or video clips to populate the menus.

Above is a sample DVD Menu. Our DVD menus are animated and a wide variety of themes are available. View more DVD menu themes here. Each DVD menu is customized with a title of your choice, image or scene(s) from your movie, and DVD navigation options. 

STEP 2: Choose a Scene Selections Menu

Make a scene.

Our Scene selection pages can be customized too! Match them to your desired DVD Theme for a cohesive feel or mix it up with a different song or theme for each scene selection page! Navigating through all your videos has never been easier with our custom scene selections and DVD menu themes!


Motion Thumbnail Chapter Buttons 

For each scene in your video, ESP adds an animated video icon of the scene and a custom chapter title (“You May Kiss the Bride” or ”Blowing out the Candles”). This feature can be a huge benefit for watching otherwise long monotonous home videos.


It’s Easy!

Just give us your material and let ESP find a custom theme and coordinated music related to your content. Your DVD can have a unified design or several themes to coincide with various subjects

Above is a sample Scene Selections Menu. Choose to stick with a cohesive theme or select from a variety of scene selection menu options. Scene selection menus feature motion thumbnails representing custom laid chapters from your movie. Individual scenes can be labeled, please inquire.  

STEP 3: Add Extras and Additional DVD Features (optional)

Adding Additional Menus

Once you have your movies and slideshows added to your DVD video, Let ESP creatively find an easy way for you to navigate to through the media on your DVD.


Text and Titles

Many professionally created DVDs use menus to provide additional information, like an actor’s bio or “filmography”. These menu items may display only text. ESP can add text to any menu, or create text-only menus.


Turn your home Videos into a Hollywood Masterpiece!

Give a gift to thrill, excite, and entertain your family and friends. Transform your home video footage into a fully customized movie production with sound effects, titles, animated transitions, subtitles, voiceovers, background music, intro and credits, and more! Once your video is complete we can burn it to DVD, save it on a hard drive or portable device, and even upload it for you to share on YouTube! The possibilities are endless so call and share your vision with one of our experienced video editors today (805) 377-7333.  

Above is a sample "Extras" Menu. This is a great addition to your DVD masterpiece! Include bloopers, video messages and dedications, or deleted scenes. Short movies and clips that are special to you, like advice from your grandma on your wedding day, are perfect for this bonus DVD feature. Get creative and add a photo slide show or interview, a behind the scenes, or highlight reel. The possibilities are endless! View additional video services below for inspiration.   

Additional Services

Set slideshows to stun.

Add a photo slide show to your DVD for only .99 per photo!*

Add a slideshow featuring a just a couple or thousands of your photos. For example, you could enhance a wedding video by adding a slideshow of wedding photos to the DVD of video clips from the wedding. 


Your photos and movie clips will shine within our amazing themes. Our themes provide the perfect canvas for showcasing your photography. From Watercolor to New Generation templates, each theme sets a different mood. ESP can create a DVD composed entirely of photos or mix things up with a few movies (please inquire).


Let us customize your slideshow setting slide duration, assigning transitions and adding a soundtrack using our music or yours.

*To take advantage of our .99 per photo offer: Photos must be scanned to a CD, thumb drive, or hard drive and titled by a number representing their intended order.

DVD Video Portfolios & Demo Reels

Put your life’s work at your fingertips: Create a fully interactive demo reel on DVD featuring you and your craft.


Once you have successfully transferred your video library to DVD, consider what material you would like to combine into a more customized action packed DVD archive. We will help you edit your material and combine your clips into a comprehensive and concise demo reel.


You will receive a professional DVD with custom title menu, an elaborate DVD chaptering system to creatively navigate through your material, and a polished portfolio perfect for presenting your work to clients, agents, and for self-promotionFor more information visit our DVD Video Portfolio Page. Click Here!

Uploading Video to Internet and Social Networks

Internet video sites like YouTube are popular arenas for sharing your videos with family and friends or the entire Internet community. We can help digitize and load your videos to YouTube for public or private viewing with a password. Great for video sharing with relatives and friends from afar or for marketing a product or webinar series, the possibilities are endless! Call us with your idea to see what we can do for you (805) 377-7333.

Still have questions? Contact us (805) 377-7333 or check out the useful links below. 

8mm Film to DVD. We transfer old 8mm film reels to DVD too! For more information on preserving those special family memories browse our film transfer page.

Photomontage Page. Want more information on putting together a memorable movie slide show for a birthday or heartfelt memorial tribute? We will show you what is included in the process of creating a priceless video masterpiece out of your stack of photographs.

DVD Video Portfolio Page. In addition to presenting your work on a professional quality DVD Video portfolios are a great method for marketing your business or trade. Great for musicians, models, actors, visual artists, dancers, and more!

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