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Back up, Archive, and Share
your Smartphone Video

Smartphone technology and advancements have made capturing and preserving priceless memories easier and more affordable. In addition, sharing video couldn’t be easier, with smartphone video automatically output in a digital format that can be uploaded to online video hosts. With that said, it is still important to back up your digital video files for storage and safekeeping. Saving smartphone video to DVD is also an option for those who wish to distribute or sell hard copies of their video footage, or to share them with a more limited and controlled audience than the world wide web.


Smartphone Video Transfer Pricing

Price per DVD (up to 1hour and 30 minutes long authored DVD): $35

Additional DVD copies:*1 copy $15, 2-4 copies $13 each, 5-10 copies $11 each

Price per hour of video to Hard Drive: $25 ($25 minimum) staring with a digital file, $35 starting with analog or DVD

Price per video upload (starting with a digital file): $25, (starting with analog source or DVD up to 1 hour): $40

Digital Video Conversion: $15 per video file

Video Editing: Call for schedule and pricing

*Quantity discounts and additional copy discounts are available and can be applied at time of original order. You can always order additional copies at any time but additional work will be required to retrieve/reopen the project; process the video; process any menus, music, titles; multiplex and finally burn your project. . . so there will be an additional fee.

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At ESP, we realize each project is unique and each customer has different needs. Below you will find more information on selecting the appropriate-sized hard drive or flash drive, what specifications you could make to ensure compatibility, and additional services such as professional DVD authoring and video conversion.

ESP can assist you at every step in the process of transferring video from your smartphone to another type of digital device/hardware including: hard drive, flash drive/thumb drive, memory card, DVD, etc. ESP can also upload your video to YouTube and offers editing services at an hourly rate. Please contact us to discuss your video project needs at (805)377-7333 or

Smartphone video transfer

Things to consider when transferring your smartphone video

  • On average, 1 minute of video recording on an iphone at 1080p and 60fps=200MB

  • DVD-Rs hold approximately 2 hours of video, or 4.7GB, a professionally authored DVD holds 1.5 hours of video

  • We have new thumb drives and hard drives available for purchase. Visit our Video to Hard Drive Page for more information. Customers may provide their own external hard drives or thumb drives for transfer to these devices. Drive must be new or erased. We can format the drive for you, according to your needs or to your specifications. Please let us know if you plan to use your drive with a PC or Apple computer.

  • If you plan on editing your own video footage, please specify the video format/file type that you need so we can provide you with a compatible file type. We are able to provide video conversion services if necessary for an additional fee.

Things to consider
More Services
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Still have questions? Contact us (805) 377-7333 or check out the useful links below. 

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